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11月14日: Jean-Jacques Levy
發布時間:2019-11-12  閱讀次數:8332

報告題目:Three formal proofs of Tarjan’s Strongly Connected Components algorithm in directed graphs

報告人:Prof. Jean-Jacques Levy (Inria Paris & Irif)

報告時間:2019年11月14日 周四 09:30 – 10:30


報告摘要:Comparing provers on a formalization of the same problem is always a valuable exercise. In this paper, we present the formal proof of correctness of a non-trivial algorithm from graph theory that was carried out in three proof assistants: Why3, Coq, and Isabelle.

Joint work with Ran Chen, Cyril Cohen, Stephan Merz and Laurent Théry presented at ITP 2019.

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